Elfbark is a natural tree bark that can be made into hypnotic tea. It has many benefits, but it can also cause side effects. It is often used by smugglers to drug Chalcedan slaves. It is also possible that it can be used to suppress Chade’s Wit. It may be helpful for the staff at Withywoods, too.

What is Elfbark?

Elfbarking.com is the story of how Fitz tries to dull his Skill-hunger by drinking a strong tea that’s made from the bark of the elfbark tree. It’s used in Chalced to drug slaves, so they work longer without escaping, but it also dampens their spirits and makes them suspicious of others.

It doesn’t seem to deaden Skill completely, though. It seems to help Fitz, but it’s difficult to say why. During Tawny Man he uses it when his Skill is out of control, but after that he doses himself very rarely and doesn’t use the skill at all.

How to make Elfbark

Elfbark is a tree bark, and it can be grated into a powder or infused as a tea. A little research on the web will reveal that it is a common ingredient in a variety of hypnotic teas, and its effects are best known for dulling Skill cravings.

Benefits of Elfbark

Elfbark, or delventree bark, is a potent stimulant, used by slave-owners in Chalced to increase the amount of work a slave can do without getting tired. But it can also stifle a man’s spirit, making him apathetic and suspicious.